Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Nazis together....Bush,Obama = Blair, Cameron

Taken from the comments section...and his prediction was spot on .

24 June 2007 8:27AM
Gordon Brown: Bilderberg Tony Blair: Bilderberg John Major: Trilateral Commission Margaret Thatcher: Bilderberg James Callaghan: Bilderberg Edward Heath: Bilderberg All the way back to the 1950's, our leaders have been secretly meeting with the same crowd who financed the Nazi war machine and financed the EU, the controllers of Bilderberg and The Trilateral Commission; the international bankers who own The Federal Reserve who can create virtually unlimited quantities of money for war and dictators but not for peace and good works.

Their agenda will roll on. Bigger and more centralised government. A more intrusive and authoritarian police state. It's their mentality. It is literally in their blood. You have just given examples of Brown's potential authoritarianism. Brown has served the agenda well so far with his jobs at the IMF and his selling loads of cheap UK gold to aid the great gold rip-off discovered by Reginald Howe at Golden Sextant.

I predict little will change under Brown. There will be the window dressing of small changes, but the really important things will not change; money supply in the hands of warmongers, ID cards and increased suggestion of implantable microchips, more state-sponsored, state-provoked and state-permitted terrorism for more police state laws (if there is anything left to do on that part of the agenda). Brown may well be "the consolidator" to Blair's "the great changer".

I hope I am proved wrong. But I doubt it. Brown has been given the PM ship without any trouble at all.