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#IRAQ : David Halpin - Blairs Journey - Questions Before Charge

Monday, 13 September 2010
Your 'Journey' has been long on miles but absent of humanity, reason and law. 'It can only get better'. Could it have got any worse? Your vapour trails have left millions weeping. One million of those are widows in Iraq, at least 1.2 million humans are with their Allah, five million orphans and four million refugees. We will leave out the blood and the mayhem you have left in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Yemen. You sprang from each jet with strange eyes ablaze with more lies and plans for yet more Muslim decimation. You had been re-fuelled at high altitude by your fellow psychopath Campbell and other 'advisers' like Manning.

You joined the dummy Bush over blood-oozing steaks in April 2002. The false flag of 9/11 had been repeated by the media megaphones of the UK/US/Israel axis and the absence of a judicial inquiry ensured the 'big lie, oft repeated' sank into irrational, Mammon possessed populations. All that was modelled in the 'think' tanks with the aim of breaking Iraq, the Arab bastion, for ever. You, and another three of the mafiosi, Aznar, Barroso and Dubya met for an hour in the Azores 16 March. Two of these mafiosi have fascist connections. The capo, Dick Cheney, was home pushing buttons and pulling strings for shocking and awing and burning and blasting. In your 'book' you wrote that Cheney wanted a wholesale reorganization of the political map of the Middle East after 9/11. The vice president "would have worked through the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran, dealing with all their surrogates in the course of it -- Hezbollah, Hamas, etc,". [1]

In your speech on those Azores, which insulated you so well from world wide protest against your coming crimes, you pretended that the door was still open for Saddam Hussein to disarm. Your lust for Arabic and Islamic blood gave only 24 hours for the UK/US resolution for WMD disarmament to remain on the 'Security Council' table. You pretended peace whilst you ravened for genocidal war. You said there were '10,000 litres of anthrax that the inspectors just a week ago said was unaccounted for'. [1] Your complete absence of any scientific training or of logic allowed you to speak of litres of bacillus anthracis. You certainly did not know that this strain was isolated from an Oxfordshire cow in 1936, cultured by a professor in the spires and transferred to the US post WW2. Your trans-Atlantic buddies passed it and all the works to Saddam's regime in the Iran-Iraq war. [2] This quote reveals the treachery and the incest of the British press with the more


Dr.David Kelly :Video - The Cover- Up Continues

The Mysterious Death Of Dr.David Kelly - By Dr. Stephen Frost

Due process of the law has not been followed by the British state in the investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly. Of this there is now no doubt. The original inquest was derailed by Lord Falconer, in his dual capacity as Minister of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor.

Dr. Kelly remains the only British citizen not to have had his suspicious death examined properly at a coroner's inquest. This to some may seem trivial. It is not. It is a matter of the highest importance and should be of great concern to all British citizens, especially given the highly political context in which the death took place, inextricably linked as the death was to the United Kingdom's waging of illegal war (according to both the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter) on the sovereign state of Iraq. Disregarding the political context of the death, all doctors are taught, or should be, that none of us is safe without inquests and that the Coroner speaks for the dead to protect the more

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When Murdoch Met With Blair And Richard Desmond -Unexpected Information Released - July 2007

Publication date: 18 July 2007

The Cabinet Office has unexpectedly agreed to release information about meetings and calls between Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond and Tony Blair while Prime Minister.

In 2004, the Liberal Peer Lord Avebury requested information about the dates of contacts between Tony Blair and media moguls.  The majority of this information was not released, even when the request was repeated under the Government’s own Freedom of Information legislation, the Cabinet Office claiming that the meetings were private or that the information was exempt as its release would “prejudice effective conduct” of public affairs.  The Information Commissioner’s office accepted this argument, leading to an appeal to the Information Tribunal in order to test the Government’s argument.

With this appeal pending, the day before evidence was due to be served on the parties in the Information Tribunal case and the day after Gordon Brown took office, Cabinet Office made the surprise announcement that the information requested was to be released.  The information shows regular contacts between the then Prime Minister and media moguls.

Tamsin Allen of Bindman & Partners, Lord Avebury’s solicitors,  said:
“The Cabinet Office argued that meetings between Murdoch and Blair were not ‘official’ meetings because they were not minuted and the information was exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.  That argument was always tenuous and it was therefore not unexpected that this information would eventually reach the public domain. What is surprising is the timing of the announcement (the day after Tony Blair’s resignation) and the fact that the Government sought to suppress the information for so long. ”

Lord Avebury said:

“This is a welcome blow for the cause of freedom of information, but it shouldn’t have taken so much time and effort to extract information that was so clearly of great public interest. Rupert Murdoch has exerted his influence behind the scenes on a range of policies on which he is known to have strong views including the regulation of broadcasting and the Iraq war. The public can now scrutinize the timing of his contacts with the former Prime Minister, to see whether they can be linked to events in the outside world.  One hopes that the timing of the Government’s decision to capitulate indicates that under Gordon Brown’s leadership, freedom of information will be made a reality.

For more information about this press release, please contact:
amsin Allen by email on:

or Lord Avebury on tel: 020 7274 4617 or by email:

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Dr. David Kelly : Controversial Death Examined

#DavidKelly : Audio With Dr.David Halpin

In this exclusive interview, Dr. David Halpin, a retired orthopedic surgeon and one of a group of doctors who has been campaigning for a coroner’s inquest into the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly joins The Corbett Report to discuss his appeal for a judicial review of UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve’s decision earlier this year to deny such an inquest. We discuss the medical anomalies that lead Dr. Halpin and other doctors to conclude that Dr. Kelly did not commit suicide, the history of the government cover-up about the case, and The Dr. David Kelly Inquest Fund through which people can help to cover the legal cost of the upcoming review.

#DavidKelly : Dr.David Halpin Reports

#DavidKelly: TODAY High Court Hearing

High Court Hearing 19 December 2011


This is to remind you that on Monday 19 December 2011 a special hearing will take place at the High Court in London as part of the legal challenge which David Halpin is attempting to bring against the government's recent decision not to hold a coroner's inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Everyone connected with this case on David's side very much hopes that as many of you as possible who have given so generously to enable matters to reach this stage will be able to attend the hearing. It is vital that the significant level of public interest regarding this issue which we all know exists is reflected and the best way to achieve this is by numbers being at the scene on the day.

At present the court has not formally decided at what time the hearing will begin or how many judges will preside over it - it could be up to three - but I will update the website again as soon as this information is known. It has been suggested, but not confirmed, that 10.30 am will be the likely start time

What can be stated as fact at this stage is that, as is standard practice, the hearing will last for two hours. David's barrister, John Cooper QC, will spend approximately 45 minutes putting an argument across explaining why his client believes there should be an inquest. The government's barrister will spend the same amount of time giving an opposite view. The judge(s) will probably not reach a decision immediately but should do so within a few weeks. Should they find in David's favour, as it were, permission would be granted for a judicial review of the government's refusal to back an inquest to go ahead.  The judicial review could then proceed subject to David being happy to take it forward. This would depend on his securing a 'protective costs order' and with continued financial support. As has been stated previously, it is highly regrettable that it should require members of the public to donate money to ensure that the law is followed correctly, but in the face of such opposition from successive governments, this is the last route available to securing an inquest. The wheels turn slowly. We must be patient and first wait to see if this initial hurdle can be cleared.

I shall update the website again as soon there is more definite news regarding times and judges' identities. In the meantime please think seriously about attending. It is irritating that the hearing has been arranged for the same week that Christmas falls - unless you like Christmas shopping! On the other hand, and I say this advisedly, this is generally considered in legal circles to be a potentially fascinating situation and certainly the first time that matters relating to the death of Dr Kelly and the Iraq war will have been heard in open court.

Dr. David Kelly Inquest Refused

#David Kelly - The Conclusion Thursday 10th February, 2011


As human beings we are fascinated by mysteries. They fuel our imaginations and allow us to play detective, and for a while we become Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes.

Where Dr. David Kelly is concerned the majority of us have already decided it was murder or suicide through opinion only. Once these viewpoints are established the positions become entrenched. Few are those who put ego and pre-conceptions aside in pursuit of the truth, and this particularly applies to the serious sleuths at work on the case of Dr. Kelly.

The murder ‘camp’, and the suicide ‘camp’, both excluded facts that would challenge their beliefs, and in so doing failed to probe the areas that were vital to solving the mystery. That said, there are so few real facts around, and misinformation abounds, creating a difficult environment from which to draw a logical conclusion.

At Southend Leaks we’ve been fortunate to receive factual information and eyewitness testimonies which have allowed us to better understand the events surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly. We are in no way ‘Kelly’ aficionados and do not want to become such. In fact we wish to move on as quickly as possible from Dr. Kelly and start releasing data received regarding Southend Borough Council as soon as possible. However please note, we’ve received further material in the last fortnight pertaining to Dr. Kelly and we are currently assessing the content, and may well prepare and release this next month.

Norman Baker became the main depository for Dr. David Kelly information, but the people who went to him failed to realise that Baker's main reason for looking into Dr. Kelly's death was to keep attention firmly focused on Tony Blair and the Labour Government - 'blood on your hands sir'.

Norman Baker is a political animal and stayed true to his nature through his enquiries, his book, his tv appearances, his radio interviews and his newspaper articles. He was not the neutral investigator that many thought he was. This is borne out by Baker's conclusion in his book - that Dr. Kelly's death was probably down to anti-Saddam supporters. This is a convenient way out for Baker. He makes no enemies this way. During his endeavours Baker keeps the idea fresh in the public's mind that Tony Blair was somehow in on the murder, and this helped damage the Labour Party even more. Baker eventually parked his investigation down an unprovable cul-de-sac with the Iraqis conclusion. Clever. However it transpired Baker was not the only information hub in town.

Southend Leaks and its friends had been quietly gathering their own information about the death of Dr. David Kelly through various techniques, and we can assure our readers anti-Saddam Iraqis were not involved.

Dr. David Kelly was not murdered.

As much as some would like to think it so, foul play was not involved.

There is no evidence of murder. There is only evidence pointing to the moving of Dr. Kelly's body at some point, highlighted by inconsistencies in the medical statements. The real crime that took place in sleepy Longworth was the transplanting of Dr. Kelly and this led to an old school type cover up. For this reason the inquest must be reopened and a transparent police investigation has to follow. We demand nothing less.

Dr. Kelly was a proud and honourable man and his work was at the centre of his existence. Only publicly recognised after his death for his contribution to a safer world for all, he always had the respect of his peers. Sadly his world came crashing down around him when his name was released to the press, and the anonymity he'd enjoyed before July 2003 had gone forever. He was trapped in the brilliance of the media spotlight and it was the very worst type of media attention. With his 'outing' the Kellys needed a quiet backwater to stay at away from the reporters, and this was Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse in North Cornwall, run by the de Haans.

By now Dr. Kelly's mind was in turmoil and the events of the 15th, when he appeared before the televised foreign affairs select committee, pushed him closer to the edge.

The following day brought no let up as Dr. Kelly gave evidence to the Intelligence and Security Committee. By then he must have known his old life was no more. It was gone and never coming back. The events of the last seven days had made Dr. Kelly consider if life was worth living, and sadly he decided it was not. However to carry out the suicide Dr. Kelly had one major problem. For a while he’d known he was being watched by local Special Branch, resulting in the monitoring of his communications and the following of his movements.

On the day of his death Dr. Kelly made sure he was seen to be as upbeat as possible, which can't have been easy for the poor man. Emails carried some positivity, but less easy to control was his visual demeanour. Whether, as he left his house for the last time that afternoon, he was fully intent on taking his own life or not we can never know, but he took with him that which would not arouse suspicion.

Dr. Kelly was followed on his final walk by a Special Branch officer, albeit at a respectful distance and for this reason did not head directly for Harrowdown Hill. He took his 'tail' on a roundabout route across the fields to the east of the hill before entering the woods of Harrowdown from the footpath just over the crown, where the path starts to drop down towards the Thames. In the thicket he gave his 'tail' the slip and escaped down the western side of the hill. He disappeared into the surrounding countryside and was later discovered in an outbuilding belonging to one of the many farms in the area.

We are not privy to which one.

The decision was made to move Dr. Kelly to another location because of the sensitivity surrounding the outbuilding. And so he was moved to Harrowdown Hill. A cover up was initiated to protect certain individuals in the Longworth area. Special Branch went along with the cover up because they knew it would be humiliating if the truth about their bungling surveillance came out, and at the time there was pressure to scale back on Special Branch activity at local level. There was little the establishment could do in the days after the initial cover up other than go along with it. After all no one had been killed, only a handful of people were privy to events, Mrs Kelly was on board as she was able to protect the de Haans, and Special Branch were untainted. It therefore comes as no surprise that many connected to the sad event went on to be rewarded in their professional careers.

Norman Baker did get one thing right though - it was most certainly a strange death.
To Mrs. Kelly and her family we extend our genuine sympathies. Your husband was a fine man who was treated abominably by dishonourable 'men' in the Government.

#DavidKelly's Murder By Craig Murray

The Iraq Inquiry has taken us back again to that period where the government had engaged in a massive military build up ready to invade Iraq, and was desperately looking for evidence on WMD to trigger the invasion – an invasion on which the Washington neo-cons had pinned their entire hopes for the future of the Bush presidency.

Just at that crucial time, one of the UK’s foremost experts on Iraqi WMD had let slip to the BBC that the government’s claims did not stand up. As a result, he was found dead in a wood, while the BBC journalist, Andrew Gilligan, who correctly reported that there were no WMD, was fired for telling the truth.

The punishment of the BBC for failing to unquestioningly echo Blair lies went much further. The Chairman and Director General were forced out. All because the BBC said there may have been no WMD, when there were not.

It is almost incredible even now to state what New Labour have done. God know what future historians will make of it.

The BBC was traumatised, and went through an acceleration of cultural change that prized “managers” over journalists, and stopped criticising government. A foundation stone of democracy had been blasted away by Tony more