Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is a question many have been asking for decades, and the answer seems to be wide-ranged.

As a super power, it is not enough to be superior in military terms, but should also be superior in terms of democracy, individual freedom, respect to others, and above all, set an example and demonstrate to the rest of the world what your definition of democracy is.

Alas, the US has abused the status we all have come to believe, by flouting that myth… It took advantage in every conceivable way to cash on this myth, by embarking on a series of genocides that shook the world. Every responsible President took it upon himself to act as (God!) by embarking on a killing mission that can only be described as pure genocide.

When the truth began to emerge, many informants were silenced in mysterious ways that can only demonstrate the extent to which the US Government is prepared to go, to cover any leaks that may question their decisions and actions.

Over the past 40 years I have had direct contacts with several Middle Eastern Countries. Initially, many were led to believe that the US is everyone’s dream of freedom, democracy, the land of opportunity, and above all self respect. The ones, who were able to emigrate, took the initiative and went. Others were hoping to do so when opportunity allowed.

Unfortunately, this was not what they expected to see. Racism, Poverty, Unemployment, a very Strong Discrimination towards Non-Americans, Crime, Drug abuse, Rape, Murder etc. Having spent most of their savings, many found it very difficult to return back to their devastated country.

Although the average American is not fully aware of what goes on outside his country, it is a proven fact that the US Government is active in looking into countries that can be a lucrative asset and of great financial interest “ National Interest “. Embark on an acquisition mission to dominate those assets. Failing any tangible results in their favour, begin a media campaign to demonise the country’s leader (even if such a leader was previously considered a close ally), and eventually lead into an invasion/destruction of a sovereign country.

Since the Iraq invasion, I have has the opportunity to meet with many Iraqis who have fled into neighbouring countries, and visited others who remained in Iraq. All have openly denounced the US Administration for betraying them. They have lamented the loss of their previous leader Saddam Hussein. To them, he was the only leader who was capable of guaranteeing law and order, healthcare, employment, education and above all, the safety of the Iraqi people.

As a European, I was totally shocked to hear this first hand. I always was of the impression that Iraq was liberated from a (tyrant) and is taking the path of democracy and freedom. I realised that my understanding was based on propaganda dished out by the US & UK media.

The US & UK did demonstrate their true colours. They went into Iraq as liberators, and turned out to be invaders. They claimed democracy, but demonstrated tyranny. They prophesised liberty and humanity, and turned out to be sadists, murderers and rapists. (All what is written here can be backed by  photographs….)  I have come to clearly understand why such bitter feelings exist between the Middle East and the US/UK.

This deep hatred that has emerged from individuals, who have had to deal with (unnecessary) loss of their families or relative’s, will forever carry that hatred. A few will no doubt be prepared to carry this hatred even further, against innocent nationals such as Americans or British civilians, thus resolve into vengeful acts such as suicide bombings, direct revenge shootings, kidnappings, executions and torture.

Unless the WORLD takes notice of these events and put a stop to it, this will never change. Further atrocities will emerge, and more unrest will follow.

Although World Wars seem to be a thing of the past, what is happening today is much worse.
Today’s Genocide is rife and goes “Unpunished”.