Monday, March 21, 2011

LIBYA: Gringo we don't want your stinking intervention...

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Gringo, we don’t want yer stinkin’ intervention! (4.00 / 1)
Great article by Pepe Escobar on the usual cast of assholes — Blair, Clinton, even Wolfowitz — pushing for military intervention in Libya, despite what the actual revolutionaries want …
“The Return of the Living Dead” Blair is back in missionary zeal form, its mirror image played by British Prime Minister David Cameron, duly mocked by Gaddafi’s son, the “modernizer” Saif al-Islam. There’s fear of “chemical weapons”. Welcome back to humanitarian imperialism – on crack.
And like a character straight out of Scary Movie, even war-on-Iraq-architect Paul Wolfowitz wants a NATO-enforced no-fly zone, as the Foreign Policy Initiative – the son of the Project for the New American Century – publishes an open letter to US President Barack Obama demanding military boots to turn Libya into a protectorate ruled by NATO in the name of the “international community”.
At a press conference in Benghazi, the spokesman for the brand new Libyan National Transitional Council, human-rights lawyer Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga, was blunt, “We are against any foreign intervention or military intervention in our internal affairs … This revolution will be completed by our people.”
The people in question, by the way, are protecting Libya’s oil industry, and even loading supertankers destined to Europe and China. The people in question do not have much to do with opportunists such as former Gaddafi-appointed justice minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, who wants a provisional government to prepare for elections in three months. Moreover, the people in question, as al-Jazeera has reported, have been saying they don’t want foreign intervention for a week now.
Now I learn the above is not so true. In fact there’s a confusion of rebel groups, some wanting and some not wanting U.S. intervention.