Monday, May 28, 2012

#Leveson #Iraq: Unholy Alliance #Murdoch & Blair 'The Aspiring War Criminal'


In his latest article in the New Statesmen John Pilger recalls some of the worst journalistic breaches of integrity by Rupert Murdoch’s “news” papers and remembers a young “aspiring war criminal” who, at an early stage of his political ascent, made it his business to court favour with the dangerously influential press baron.

The starry-eyed acolyte conveyed first-class to Australia was Tony Blair. He spoke of “the need for a new moral purpose in politics.” The rest is history and since that day millions of people around the planet have tasted Blair’s morality first-hand, many of them as they prayed whilst his bombs fell on their heads.

The saying goes that people are known by the company they keep. This was never more true than for Tony Blair. And a look at his friends begins to explain just how it is he has managed to evade justice since 1997 as he prosecuted one war after the next, with innocent civilians always paying the toll for his ambitions.

Blair, a man who once taunted John Major when he claimed the difference between them was that he, Blair, actually lead his party, later became an object of ridicule as he slavishly followed former US president George Bush around the globe on bombing sprees. “Poodle Blair”, has never really been a leader as many claim, not in the true sense at least. He’s always attached himself to the powerful and the famous, drawing on their publicity to boost his own.

Unfortunately for Blair. Nuremberg tells us that following orders is no defence.