Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jill Dando :Did Tony Blair Order Jill Dando Cover- Up ?

Jill Dando is back in the news...and people are talking to the Daily Mirror and NOT the Police ?????

You have to ask yourself why Barry George, just released, spent eight years in prison wrongly accused of the Jill Dando killing, in a case where it was pretty obvious he had been framed right at the start.

Dando's murder was clearly a professional killing, in which the killer's getaway in a speeding car was observed, a professional 'hit' type of non-splash bullet was used while Jill Dando was made to kneel down. The killer was seen by neighbours. The description they gave was not compatible with George.

Barry George was a local man with low IQ and someone not able either to carry out a professional style killing or defend himself very easily against false accusations. He was the ideal person to frame, but the least likely to have been responsible. See him speaking to the Police more